How To Play

Every level in 100 Pics Quiz is housed in “packs” or categories. There are 100 levels in each category and your objective is to correctly guess the picture with the letters below the puzzle area.

Each level begins with four blank image squares. By tapping on the picture of your choice, you reveal one of the panels that will eventually show you the full picture. Can you guess the word, based on only 1 image showing?

The fewer times you tap the screen to reveal an image, the more coins you will earn for the right answer. As your coins mount up, you can use them in the virtual store to either buy more hints or unlock new packs.

If you want to save all of your coins to open packs only, add our site to your bookmarks and visit here frequently. This game is highly addictive and loads of fun!

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100 Pics Quiz Answers

100 Pics Quiz is the top quiz game on the iTunes store and it's easy to figure out why. The gameplay is fun and the number of level packs is mind blowing. With thousands of levels available and at least two new level packs of 100 puzzles every week, there is something for everyone.

The object of the game is to figure what the picture is. Sounds easy, but what makes it tough is that the picture is covered. You can tap to reveal sections of the photo, but the fewer taps (and less of the photo is visible) the more coins you earn. Coins allow you to buy helps and additional level packs.

So if you get stuck on a level or you just want to earn the most possible coins on packs that you don't really care about playing, you've come to the right place. 100 Pics Quiz Answers has the solutions and cheats for every puzzle, and level pack in the game. We have solutions for nearly 10,000 levels and add the answers to the new level packs as soon as they are available for download.