Dr Drakken

 Dr Drakken
Dr Drakken

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  1. Svetlana Sonday says:

    Dr. Drakken is an interesting villain! He makes all sorts of great inventions! With the help of Shego, he almost always gets his plans almost done in time. He was once a good person. However, someone in his science teacher’s school made fun of his invention that he had made at the time, and he didn’t like this at all! That is his villain history. One night I had a dream that I was at the prison he was in, visiting him. In that dream, he was talking to me about how he really wants Kim to not save the world and be defeated. I told him I understood. Wouldn’t the world be better if Drakken were the leader? He’d make all of his subjects work for Shego! I’d love to work for Shego! Yes! My Operation Villainess Control is underway! I’m trying to prove I’m perfect for Drakken’s second assistant! Yeah!

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